Cosmos Sales Professional

Cosmos Sales Professional is the premier sales consulting company which utilizes a proprietary sales methodology specifically designed for the staffing industry.

Many successful small- and mid-size staffing company owners, Presidents and CEO’s are either too small to hire a full time sales manager or too busy to be the effective sales leader the company requires. One common solution throughout the staffing industry is to take the best sales executive on the team and promote them to a "Selling Sales Manager". Typically, this creates a very average sales executive and a very average sales manager...all in one person. Cosmos Sales Professional allows you the flexibility to keep focused on your business and your top sales person focused on their customers and driving revenue.

Managing a sales executive’s activity and productivity is another vitally important function that often gets overlooked. If you have the nerve, and the time, go into your company CRM and take a look at how much up-to-date activity is being maintained. The good news is, you’re likely to discover a great deal of activity. The bad news is that much of the activity is outdated and useless.

It is our responsibility at Cosmos Sales Professional to create an atmosphere that instills exceptional sales behavior by encouraging a consistent and repeatable sales process that will lead to an immediate return on your investment.

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