Cosmos Sales Professional's proprietary sales methodology is based on a great deal of strategic activity that must be tracked, triggered and executed every day. Setting short term daily goals is a key component to this process. The fact of the matter is...that while you're hunting it's a numbers game and while you're farming it's a listening game. As you will see, good farming, like cultivating, will lead to relationships, which will lead to orders, which will lead to placements, which will lead to the almighty $$$$. The goal of our methodology is to create a sales process so consistent and repeatable that it will allow each sales executive more time to focus on customer needs rather than trying to remember with whom and why you need to follow up or worrying about your firm's features and benefits.

A core aspect of our sales methodology is to instill into your sales executives a new way of thinking that creates a great sense of urgency while "hunting" in order to meet their activity numbers. Conversely, when the sales representatives are on the phone or in front of a prospect or customer "farming", that urgent personality that got them there typically needs to be turned off and the "consultative selling" who listens more than speaks must emerge with the focus of solving the customerís business problem. If your sales executives can achieve these two tasks on a consistent basis, success will certainly follow.

Depending on the market, your sales executives will need to have at least 150 active campaigns consecutively to give them the greatest chance of success. Active campaigns are defined as when your sales executive has a future date triggered in their CRM associated with each customer. This will be a challenge for many sales executives. Based on our experience working with hundreds of staffing sales executives as a manager and consultant over the years, the individuals that are able to maintain this level of consistent activity are the ones who have the most success.