Service Offerings

Because our clients have unique needs, Cosmos Sales Professional will customize solutions specific to the challenges within your sales organization. Each offering below is a baseline of the services provided.

Virtual Sales Manager - Cosmos Sales Professional will "outsource" part of — or all of — your sales management function for a fraction of the cost youíre used to paying with immediate results that will speak for themselves. Relieve yourself of the everyday burden of sales management and the false sense of security of having "a sales department" by letting us manage, train and motivate your sales force so you have more time to run your business.

Sales Team Hiring - Many times a fresh set of eyes and a new approach to your hiring practice can make a great difference. Based on your company's sales executive job description, we will build an extensive customized assessment tool your candidates will take that will provide you with a clear and precise understanding of the candidate's ability to successfully do the job you require. Create peace of mind for yourself by partnering with Cosmos Sales Professional to assist you with all your critical evaluating and hiring needs.

Sales Seminars and Training - Utilizing Cosmos Sales Professionalís proprietary sales methodology, two- and three-day training courses are available individually or for your entire sales team.

One-On-One Coaching - Cosmos Sales Professional offers one-on-one sales coaching for sales managers and individual producers, in-person or by phone, and either on an hourly or retained basis. We have coached hundreds of staffing sales professionals over the years and understand the unique needs each individual requires.

Business Planning - Whether you're doing sales and marketing planning, developing strategic plans, or creating an exit strategy, Cosmos Sales Professional has the expertise to assist you with all your business planning needs.