"I've worked with Chris for 13 years and have seen the Cosmos Sales Professional process up close. I practice the principles every day. I know it works. In fact, I've used it selling my own staffing services for the last three years and my business has grown 300% year over year. The amazing thing is, before I started my business, I spent my entire career as a recruiter, not a sales executive."

Aaron Burriesci
Founder and CEO

"Popular National Conference Speaker and recently successful VP of Sales for a $350,000,000 Staffing firm, Chris Cosmos stands out as one of the top sales management consultants in our marketplace. His unique practical and pragmatic process was selected over two dozen other applicants and added to Oz Training's industry standard offerings in 2009!

I am specifically impressed with Chris's engaging and insightful understanding of a broad range of industry and personal motivations that can often become impediments to a sales person's success. Add to that Mr. Cosmos's ability to communicate, engage, and obtain commitment to corrective action, it is easy to see why Chris has become an industry leader in sales management!"

Al Dubuc
Founder and President
Oz Consulting and Training, est. 1986

"I've been in the staffing business since 1976. I have not worked with any company or anyone who understands, and is able to communicate, what it actually takes to be successful selling the services of the staffing industry better than Chris Cosmos. His applications, conceptual understanding and delivery of his sales methodology and sales playbook have simply been invaluable to our organization.

I had, and still have, such confidence in his understanding of our business that I became a client of his even before he started Cosmos Sales Professional."

Jane Hynes
Hynes & Company

"I have known Chris Cosmos for over a decade, having served with him on both the local and national boards of NACCB (TechServe Alliance). I find Chris to be very knowledgeable about the staffing industry-its inner-workings, potential pitfalls and formulae for success. I do not hesitate to recommend Chris as a premier consultant to your organization for improving sales, measuring results and identifying gaps in your sales team. Chris brings a sharpening of skills and improved efficacy to any staffing environment."

Seritta Krafnick
President & CEO

"In April of 2011, I brought Cosmos Sales Professional into our organization to evaluate, establish a contestant sales process, and provide a market penetration strategy for our new Business Development Managers in our New Jersey and New York offices.

Cosmos Sales Professional's comprehension and teachings of the entire IT staffing sales progression from research, to campaigning, to order acquisition, to fulfillment was invaluable to our organization. The concepts behind the "hunter" and "farmer" approach to staffing sales management were easy to understand, and are practiced successfully every day by our team.

I'd highly recommend Cosmos Sales Professional for your sales management and training. More than anything, they'll provide a great sense of comfort to you knowing your sales force is in good hands."

Bob Miano
CEO & President
Harvey Nash, USA

"Unlike many sales managers within the staffing industry, Chris' understanding of the buyer's decision making process is backed up by substance. Chris' sales techniques are all absolutely achievable if you are prepared to set and meet your goals everyday to help build your book of business. What Chris taught me allowed me to make an ice cold call turn into a luke warm call, and to build business relationships that have lasted far beyond simple transactional opportunities. Every sales person can take something away from Chris' methodology, and any business could benefit from Chris' consultative style."

Matthew Schenck
Recruiting Manager
cPrime, Inc.

"I have a tremendous amount of respect for Chris. He is not only a great leader but also my mentor. Chris trained me when I started my sales career 5 years back. His approach to sales can be summed up in one word...inspiring. His experience and knowledge, combined with his motivational sales methodologies were, and still are, invaluable in my achieving great results. He is a wonderful communicator who makes it easy to address complex issues. Chris would bring value and commitment to any environment and every endeavor. He inspires others to be the best. I am fortunate and honored to work with Chris."

Urvashi Jaiswal
Sr. Account Executive
Nelson Technology